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高中英語作文—在春節到來之前 Before Spring Festival ?

nba比分排名 www.690193.live 2019-09-19 14:06:57 來源:啟達教育網

Spring Festival is the biggest day for Chinese people, before it comes, usually, all the family members will get together, doing the house cleaning work, which means to start the new year with good beginning. I love doing the house work with my families, which is a happy moment for me. When I clean every corner, I always can find something that has missed before. The moment I find it, I am very excited and just like a big surprise. My parents will decorate the house with buying new curtain and changing indoor style. After finishing the job, the house looks completely new, which makes us have a good mood. My parents and I have good communication during the cleaning time. We talk about the passed days and laugh happily, and look forward to the new year.



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